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Reinforced Graphite Gaskets

Reinforced Graphite Gaskets Manufacturer and Exporter in Mumbai, India.

Reinforced Graphite Gaskets

Flexible graphite materials are universal sealing products consisting of pure carbon in which the crystalline structure has been considerably expanded through aspecial chemical and thermal procedure. The expanded crystals are formed into foil by a multi-stage calendaring process. The thin flexible graphite foil can then belaminated into thicker sheets to manufacture a range of sealing products.

Flexible graphite sheet can also be supplied with reinforcing materials to increase the tensile strength, load bearing capacity and improve handling characteristics. Laminated graphite sheet materials are often used as a replacement for asbestos-based materials owing to their excellent chemical resistance and temperature.

Graphite laminate materials are ideal for steam applications as they do not contain a rubber binder and arenot subjected to hardening of the material.


Outstanding resistance to high and low temperature
Chemically resistant to virtually all media
High compressibility
Low creep under temperature or pressure
Seals gases and liquids effectively atlowbolt loadings
Unlimited storage life


TangedStainlesssteel 316
TangedStainlesssteel 304

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