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Camprofile Gaskets

Camprofile Gaskets Manufacturer and Exporter in Mumbai, India.

Camprofile Gaskets

Camprofile is a composite gasket which utilises a serrated metal core with a soft facing material. Themetal core is a machined on each contact face with concentric serrations which provide high pressure areas, ensuring that the soft coating flows into any imperfections in the flange even at relatively low bolt loads. Thesoft facing material is engineered to compress in to the serrations on the core and form a thin film across thepeaks creating the ideal sealing density in the grooves of the profile. The result is a gasket which combines thebenefits of soft cut materials with the advantages of seal integrity associated with metallic gaskets.

Expanded graphite is the most common facing material used for camprofile gaskets. However, other materialscan be used, such as PTFEfor chemically aggressive duties or mica for high temperature service.

General Properties of Camprofile Gaskets

A wide range of seating stresses under which the seal is effected and maintained
Can be used when there isinsufficient bolt load to seal conventional gasket materials
Easy to handle and fit
Suitable for a wide range of operating conditions
The soft facing layer prevents damage to the mating flange
Sealing is not sensitive to uneven bolt loading conditions
Can be refurbished with a new facing layer and reused

Core Design

Standard core design is parallel which offers the advantage of even stress distribution across the gasket face. Convex Camprofiles are also available which have a reduced depth of grooves towards the profile Centre. This typeof profile ensures a high seating stress in the middle of the profile and is effective for low bolt load applications.

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