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Corrugated Gaskets

Corrugated Gaskets Manufacturer and Exporter in Mumbai, India.

Corrugated Gaskets

Corrugated gaskets are a highly versatile family of products, available in wide variety of Configurations and suitedto a wide range of applications. For improved sealing performance the gaskets can be partially orcompletely.

Comprises a single corrugated core faced with either PTFEor Graphite dependent on application. The soft facinglayer provides the gasket with a high level of tightnesswhile the core givesthe gasket both resilience and integrity. Used in variety of applications including heat exchangers, valve bonnet application and small recessgaps.


Corrugated metallic core provides the gasket with improved handling characteristics over graphite laminates
Corrugations on the core create high stress regionsto allow excellent sealing properties even with low gasket loads
Provides greater recovery properties than graphite laminate gaskets

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